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Destinations: Leh-Likir - Yangthang-Hemis-Shukpachan - Tingmosgang
Trip Duration: 4 days
Best Time: May to September

DAY 1 - Leh-Likir 3 hours

A good number of buses ply past Likir village from Leh, right from 8 o’clock in the morning to 1 P.M . These buses drop one on the road side about 1 Km. Away from the village. Start by the morning bus, walk up to the village, visit the monastery, after your meals make all preparations for the next days journey. Night halt at Likir in a guest house or a tented camp.

DAY 2 - Likir-Yangthang 4 hours

From the village the trekking path descends into a narrow gorge. Follow the trail along the bare hill down the village upto Sumda in the next valley. Before you enter Sumdo village the path forks at a stupa. Follow the path on the left side till you reach Yangthang village. Hire a guide to visit Rizong Gonpa ( a secluded and a peaceful monastery) and back to the village for the night.

DAY 3 - Yangthang-Hemis-Shukpachan 4 hours

Continue your journey towards west to the village through a narrow gorge and then climbing a pass to Hemis-shukpachan. There are guest houses and camping sites available in the village for night stay.

DAY 4 - Hemis-Shukpachan-Tingmosgang 4 hours

The path to Tingmosgang passes through a wide valley past several big stupas. Take the path sloping down the south upto the bottom of the valley and again start climbing up from the valley along the northern slope of the valley till you reach the top of the Maptak-la. Continue along a gentle slope down to Tingmosgang. Visit Tingmosgang Palace and the monastery over a hillock. There is another small Gonpa called Tseskarmo inside a valley extending to the North along a narrow valley up from the village. This monastery is unique in its location and tranquil surroundings. Plan your night halt at a camping site or in a guest house. The twin villages of Tingmosgang and Tia is continues up stream along a beautiful clear water rivulet up to a centuries old small monastery called Khatsa Gonpa. A rarely visited by tourists this monastery is worth seeing. You should plan to visit the monastery early in the morning on the last day of your trekking. There is a daily bus service from Tingmosgang to Leh at 8 A.M.

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